Bury Me in Redwood Country




"A film of startling craftsmanship and design, Bury Me in Redwood Country is destined to go places. Its assured cinematography, accomplished sound design, and methodical pacing suggest comparisons to films like Rivers & Tides."
-Michael Falter, Program Director, Pickford Film Center


The Redwood tree is a meditation on extremes. It evolved ages before the emergence of man, persisting through the coming and going of dinosaurs. Many alive today are older than Christ. It is the tallest and largest tree on the planet, the scaffolding of vibrant micro-ecosystems, and constituent of a cathedralic spiritual aesthetic.

Bury Me in Redwood Country takes us into that landscape, constructing a meditative experience that pulls the viewer into the ancient and ephemeral realm of the trees.


Michael Taylor - Naturalist

Chris Atkins - Naturalist

Steve Sillett - Canopy Scientist

Ada Charles Bates - Elder Basketweaver

Fern Bates - Basketweaver

Patricia Gerrity - Ranger

Ralph Hirt - Forester

Jim Wheeler - Ranger

Ruskin Hartley - Conservationist

Jerry Partain - Forester



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